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Looking for ideas for home design exterior and interior? A home is divided into two parts, the exterior and the interior. To make a home looks amazing you will need the right home design exterior and interior idea. Don’t have any? There is no need to worry. We got your back. Here, we collected some home design exterior and interior ideas to inspire you. Try them out and your home will look amazing.

The Ideas

Before we start, we would like to mention that most of our home design exterior and interior ideas can be implemented in both small and large houses. Admittedly, some house design exterior and interior may not suitable for small houses but you can always improvise and be creative about it. Alright, with no further ado, here are our ideas for home design with interior and exterior.

For Exterior: Material and Textures

The first idea in our home design exterior and interior ideas list is using the right materials and textures. In most cases, the exterior design doesn’t allow for too much decoration. This is why you need to choose the right materials and textures. For example, if you like minimalist design, include steel and wooden panels in the exterior.

For Exterior: Symmetry and Shape

Balancing symmetry and shape is also important for home design exterior and interior, especially the exterior. A home with a balanced symmetry and shape looks well-organized and beautiful. Georgian-style homes are good examples of balanced symmetry and shape.

For Exterior: Colors

Color is an important element in home design exterior and interior. There are many decorations for interior but there aren’t as many for the exterior. This is where you can utilize colors to make the exterior more beautiful. Here’s an idea: use one main color and two distant shades of that color to paint the house.

For Interior: Lighter Colors to Make the Interior Looks and Feels Larger

Have a rather small interior? Well, don’t panic. A good idea to make any room looks and feels larger is to use neutral and lighter colors. These kinds of colors reflect natural light, giving the illusion that the interior is larger than it is. Adding a mirror or two will also help to make interior looks and feels larger.

For Interior Mirror for Lighting

An interior that doesn’t allow much natural light to enter will look a bit dark and feel cramped. This happens to both small and large interiors alike. You can improve the look of your interior by simply adding a mirror inside.

A mirror will reflect the natural light, especially if you place it in front of the windows. The result? A good looking interior that looks lighter, feels larger and has more dimension.

For Interior Mix and Match

Mixing and matching home design exterior and interior is a good idea, especially in the interior. Mix and match various decorations you have. For example, mix and match vintage, rustic decorations with modern and contemporary ones, mix and match patterns and textures and so on. The contrast and balance between the decorations make the interior looks even more appealing.

For Both Exterior and Interior: Add Greenery

Adding plants is always a good idea, both for home design exterior and interior. It makes the area more natural, feel fresh and of course, amazing. Not to mention it cleans the air, remove harmful gases, absorb pollutants and is a relatively inexpensive choice for decoration as well. So, go ahead. Add greenery in your exterior and interior.


So, what do you think about our home design exterior and interior ideas above? Interesting, aren’t they? Whichever ideas you want to try, we hope that they will help you create the dream home you want. Good luck!

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