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Are you looking for a course that can help you study interior design? There are many courses for interior design home study out there. Obviously, not all of these courses are equal. Some courses for interior design home study are better than the others. Below, we listed the top 5 interior design home study courses that you should consider. We give a brief description of each course to help you decide which one suit you best.

The Courses

Before we start, we would like to mention that the courses for interior design home study vary a lot. Indeed, an interior design home study course may teach you in a certain manner covering certain materials, such as home interior design study room, while other courses may teach differently with different materials. So when you choose a course, be sure that it has what you want and fits your learning style.

Principles of Design from MIT’s OpenCourseWare

If you want to learn something, you might as well learn from the best. You will certainly learn a lot from the best. In this case, learn interior design from MIT’s course for interior design home study. This course is called Principles of Design.

In Principles of Design, you will learn various interior design topics such as the history of design, lighting, presentation and many more. You can also get a certificate from it as well. All in all, this course provides any learners with valuable information regarding interior design.

Practical Guides from BetterHomes

Want to get to learn practical interior design home study lessons? If the answer is a yes, then try learning at BetterHomes. This website is filled with lots of practical lessons for interior design. From practical inspiration and ideas, tips from professionals to DIY projects that you can try on your own.

When you visit the website, you may find that the navigations of the guides may not be streamlined to your liking but all of the content, be it text, images, slideshows, and videos, are worth to see.

Design Fundamentals from DecoratingStudio

While it is true that DecoratingStudio isn’t the best website décor out there, it does have excellent courses for interior design home study. It has many images- and text-based courses for interior design, all without requiring registration. Awesome, isn’t it?

In the website, you will be able to learn many things regarding interior design. For example, how to select the right furniture, choosing the proper color scheme, windows treatment and even creating a beautiful guest room. The courses cover not just the basics but also in-depth knowledge.

Design Basics from Howcast

If you want a short and concise course, go to Howcast’s Interior Design Basics. You will learn many things from the course. For example, making the best of your budget, professional tips for interior design, and even how to spend your money to create an amazing bedroom.

Due to the course’s short and concise nature, you may not be an expert interior design after you finish it. However, you will understand interior design better and be able to create a good-looking interior.

Decorating Techniques from Home Style Expert

Lastly, Decorating Techniques from HomeStyleExpert. In this course, you will learn colors, styling, accessories as well as other interior décor components. Unlike the previous courses, this one focuses more on the decorations part. So it is more like a compliment for the other interior courses rather than a standalone course for interior design home study.


The above are some of the best courses for interior design home study right now. Which one do you think suits you best? Well, whichever course it is, we hope it can help you learn and understand interior design better. Good luck!

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